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子どものために大人ができること ~安心と幸せを届けるあり方~


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子どものために大人ができること ~安心と幸せを届けるあり方~

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This month, Wisdom2.0Japan is inviting Ms. Marina Totsuka, a mindfulness teacher who has been actively educating families and teachers on the importance of mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to conduct a session for parents and teachers about fun mindfulness exercises that they can apply to their work and life.

In Japan, mindfulness has been steadily spreading, especially in the business arena, where it is known to enhance work efficiency, productivity, creativity and team building.

However, people in the business world who have experienced the benefits of mindfulness often voice out their concern of not knowing where to begin when wanting to apply it to their relationship with their family. Many have also expressed that their life at home has become more difficult due to the recent covid-19 pandemic, which has forced people to stay at home with their family, and can at times create friction due to increased stress.

In a space where children are present, how can we nurture a sense of security and happiness for the whole family?

According to Ms. Totsuka, an expert who has been offering a wide range of trainings and learning opportunities to children and families, the state of being of adults can greatly influence the wellbeing of their children. However, that does not mean that adults should try hard to become so called “role models”. The same applies to teachers and those who are supporting children in various ways.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has established new guidelines on how schools should cultivate skills and competency in children that would enable them to survive in an ever-changing society. At the same time, many teachers have voiced their confusion as to how they will meet such a requirement.

So how should adult think, act or demonstrate in their relationship with their children in order to foster in them a zest for living? Ms. Totsuka will have a dialogue focusing on this theme with Junya Ogino, Founder of Wisdom2.0Japan, who is also a father (whose daughter is currently in an elementary school) .

Please join us in this precious event.

Mindfulness has become impregnated throughout the rest of the world and Japan seems to lag behind in its education of mindfulness to younger generations. Ms. Totsuka will share some data and trend from around the world and discuss the benefits of mindfulness that are not confined to just work efficiency, productivity and better academic achievements.

She will also select some exercises that can be enjoyed by both parents and children featured in her book 「学校と家庭でマインドフルネス!1分からこころの幸せ・安心を育む63のワーク(Mindfulness at Home and in Classrooms to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Children: 63 Exercises for Wellbeing and Anxiety Relief Starting from just One Minute)」which was just published last month, so we can have a first-hand experience of leaning how we can apply mindfulness in a holistic manner!

We look forward to seeing you.

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Date and Time: Sunday, August 30, 13:30-15:30 (The zoom meeting room opens at 13:00)
Location: Zoom
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