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【武田 雅子氏】コンパッションの体現者であり、彼女のWisdomに触れて欲しいです


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まさにマインドフルリーダーシップとコンパッションを体現してる方として、彼女の人生を通してWisdom を共有していただきたいと思っています。

Speaker Profile: Masako Takeda

Let us connect with the wisdom of Masako Takeda, a true leader who embodies mindfulness & compassion.

This time around in several different parts, we will be introducing speakers of Wisdom 2.0 Japan from the perspective of our cofounder Junya Ogino.

The first speaker is Masako Takeda, a highly-recognized thought-leader in the field of HR in the corporate world. When she was the Director of HR in Credit Saison, Masako successfully implemented a list of HR-related strategies. She joined Calbee in 2018 as the HR. She has made an effort to design strategies to cultivate intrinsic motivations among the company’s employees.

As a cancer survivor, Masako has never stopped working even when she was undergoing treatment.
Despite suffering from her illness back then, she persevered and worked her way up to becoming one of the top leaders in the company, acting as a role model for many aspiring career ladies. After this experience, she began reflecting on the importance of “quality of life”, and started practicing mindfulness in her own life, which has helped her cultivate what she deemed as resiliency- the capacity of one’s mind to recover from difficulty.

In-person, Masoko is a very soft-hearted human. Her career experience and spirit of resilience makes her a truly attractive person. As a leader who embodies mindful leadership and compassion, it is our wish to share her wisdom with the world!