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荻野淳也からの登壇者のご紹介、第8回目は天河大辨財天社 第六十五代宮司 柿坂神酒之祐氏です。






Speaker Profile: Chief priest Kakisaka Mikinosuke

Chief priest Kakisaka Mikinosuke of Tenkawa Shrine:
A Japanese spiritual worldview on coexisting with “all living things”.

Junya Ogino introduces our eighth speaker, the 65th generation Chief Priest of Tenkawa-daibenzai-ten-sha, Priest Kakisaka Mikinosuke.

The Tenkawa Shrine is a historical shrine located deep in the mountains of Yoshino, Nara. The area around the Tenkawa Shrine is a sacred place for Shugendo “a highly syncretic ancient Japanese religion” founded by En No Gyoja and was also the base for the Southern Court during the Nanboku-chō periodーmaking it one of the most important sites that have shaped Japanese spirituality. There is a saying that in order to visit this place physically, you must have some sort of past karmic relations to it. The Tenkawa Shrine and the Kakisaka priests often have interactions with and leave an impact on many business leaders, artists, and entertainers.

Priest Kakisaka took up the role as the chief priest of Tenkawa Shrine after the sudden death of his brother who was previously the head of the shrine. Prior to that, he was traveling around the world and interacting with some of the world’s leading spiritual leaders.

The other day when I visited the Tenkawa Shrine for a meeting, we asked Priest Kakisaka this question: “Why do we have such a global pandemic and what should we as a humanity be doing?” He replied, “I am reluctant to put it into words yet. However, who knows maybe the answer might reveal itself this autumn!”

This is an extremely rare opportunity for Priest Kakisaka to speak online at an international conference such as Wisdom 2.0 Japan, so embrace yourself for his message on
the essential wisdom and importance of Japanese spirituality for humanity!