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山崎繭加さんは華道家として「IKERU」というご自身の華道教室を主宰されている一方で、Harvard Business review の特別編集委員として、Harvard Business review の英語版記事を日々ウォッチされており、それらのたくさんの記事の中から日本語版として日本に紹介する記事のキュレーションをされている方でもあります。





Speaker Profile: Mayuka Yamazaki

Sharing the value of Japanese Ancient Wisdom and Values with the World.

Junya Ogino introduces our seventh speaker, Mayuka Yamazaki, a “kadoka”- ikebana (flower arrangement) artist who runs her own Ikebana school called “IKERU”. Mayuka also serves as a special editorial board member of the Harvard Business Review, curating articles from the English edition of the Harvard Business Review to be shared with the Japanese public.

As an alumni of Harvard’s MBA School, Mayuka’s presentation and research on a number of Japanese companies and entrepreneurs, including those who were striving to rebuild Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake that would most likely attract great international attention, were later being used as educational case studies for Harvard Business School’s students.

She plays an important role not only in the dissemination of information for business leaders, but also serves as a bridge between the East and the West by introducing Kado “the way of the flower arrangement”- one of Japan’s traditional wisdom art- to the business world, and teaching it in relation to modern organization and leadership development.

As a curator of numerous articles and an avid observer of the latest trends, Mayuka will be sharing her perspective about Japanese wisdom and its potential value to the world as well as ideal ways of being for future companies and leaders in our upcoming Wisdom 2.0 Japan.

Besides being at the forefront of the business world, Mayuka contemplates on how to spread Japanese wisdom as a kadooka. She is also a humble wife and mother at home, which makes her words even more relatable and inspiring to many.

Stay tuned for her session in Wisdom 2.0!