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昨年、世界を旅される中での出会いと直感により、これからはコクリプロジェクトの対象を地球との共創造に拡大すると宣言され 、千葉いすみにご家族で移住されるなど、様々な分野の方々と地球との共創造をテーマにした研究プロジェクトをスタートされています




Speaker Profile: Ai Sanda

Ai Sanda on the “Co-creation of Humanity and Planet Earth”

Junya Ogino introduces our tenth speaker, Ai Sanda who is the founder of “Cocre Project”.

As the founder of “Co-cree! Project”, Ai Sanda has been an active leader and facilitator for many companies across the region in developing the theme of co-creating spaces conducive for people from diverse backgrounds.

Last year, Ai had an epiphany during her travels around the world, that she should expand the scope of her Co-cree! Project to encompass the theme of “co-creation with Mother Earth”. Upon returning to Japan, she relocated her family close to nature in the countryside of Isumi, Chiba prefecture and started a research project with people from various sectors on this very same theme.

Ai Sanda is also a certified “shodou” Japanese calligraphy instructor. Recently she has been working on calligraphy related performances and events based on her own calligraphy style as well as those inspired by the surrounding environment. Ai-san is also the key player in connecting us with Kakisaka Mikinosuke, the chief priest of Tenkawa Shrine as we initially entrusted her with the task of visiting Tenkawa shrine in Yoshino, Nara to have a conversation with Priest Kakisaka.

Having promoted the “Co-cree! Project” to corporate leaders and governments on both national and local levels, Ai-san will be sharing her experiences and thoughts on the reason and meaning behind starting this project. Through her panel discussion with Priest Kakisaka, we hope this will be an invaluable opportunity for everyone to ponder upon and apply the idea of “co-creation with Mother Earth” in our individual lives.