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新型コロナウイルスの影響拡大に伴う、Wisdom2.0Japan 延期のお知らせ / Notification of Postponement of Wisdom2.0Japan due to the Spread of Corona Virus


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Notification of Postponement of Wisdom2.0Japan due to the Spread of Corona Virus

Dear all,

I am Junya Ogino, Co-founder of Wisdom2.0Japan.

In light of the rapid spread of coronavirus in Japan in the past few days, we have decided to postpone Wisdom2.0Japan that was originally scheduled to take place on March 21 and 22, 2020.

– We are currently looking to Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 of October, 2020, as our first choice for rescheduling.
– We plan to notify you in early March the outlines of the event for the rescheduled dates.
– For the ticket holders, we have contacted you via peatix message regarding the refund of the ticket. Please confirm.

We believe it is becoming more and more necessary in the world where radical changes happen such as this present situation and making predictions is difficult, for us to pursue the ways to live and be that are rich in humanity, connected to our true self, even with the help of technology

We also believe that the philosophy and messages of Wisdom2.0 will become more important from the year 2020. Thus, our team is striving to make our first Wisdom2.0Japan even more evolved when it happens later this year.

We hope that you take great care of yourself as well as those around you, and thrive in this chaotic phase of our time.

Thank you very much.

Junya Ogino