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アメリカではSalesforceやFacebook など、企業においても講義をされています。

日本でも仏教やマインドフルネスの講義を数多くされており、Wisdom2.0Japanに登壇されることで、長年、日本とアメリカで仏教を一般の人に伝えられてきた一照さんの叡智溢れるお言葉が、世界中の Wisdom 2.0ファンに届くことを願っています。

Speaker Profile: Issho Fujita

Junya Ogino introduces our third speaker- Issho Fujita, a Soto Zen monk who had taught Zazen for 18 years at Pioneer Valley Zendo in Western Massachusetts.

Issho-san was the first person to approach and support me when I first decided to convey the teachings of mindfulness to Japanese businesspeople.

I am always amazed at his overwhelming knowledge about Buddhism and his ability to translate and communicate in a language that is very easy to understand for Buddhist beginners at the Massachusetts Zendo. Not only that, he also practices a lot of bodywork, such as Aikido and Noguchi Seitai, and spreads the wisdom of Buddhism by connecting the body and mind, so many people participated in his lectures, inspired by his deep and wide knowledge across different fields.

For many years, he was giving lectures at the San Francisco Zen Center, founded by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, who had spread Zen Buddhism widely in the United States. When I visited the San Francisco Zen Center, I was impressed by the words of a staff member who spoke highly of him, ”I think of Issho Fujita as a modern-day Shunryu Suzuki.”

Issho is constantly invited to teach at companies such as Salesforce and Facebook in the United States. Every time I met him, he moved with the lightness and brilliance of a young man. A humble man, Issho’s every word is filled with depth and wisdom.

Given’s Issho’s decade long experience in teaching Buddhism and mindfulness to the general public in both Japan and the United States, I hope that his experience and knowledge can be transmitted to you in our upcoming Wisdom 2.0 Japan as one of the main speakers and that he will inspire Wisdom 2.0 enthusiasts around the world.