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【チケット購入者の声 #1】なぜWisdom2.0Japanへの参加を決めたのか


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(手塚 愛様/千葉県)

Why they decided to attend Wisdom 2.0 Japan with their permission

Wisdom2.0Japan values interactions among attendees and staff members. Conference ticket holders can join our Facebook group and interact freely even before the conference begins. We are pleased to share some of the responses we received from our attendees on why they decided to attend Wisdom 2.0 Japan with their permission.

I wanted to feel how people, who have lived a completely different life from me, are seeing and feeling right now.

I feel that what I can directly experience myself in my own life is very limited. That’s why I have become interested in actively participating in an event where I could learn about what other people have experienced and gained from their lives.

I used to honestly wonder if it was appropriate for me, someone who has no socially recognized title or notable accomplishments, to participate in such an amazing conference, not just in Wisdom 2.0 but other events too. However, now I feel that the opposite is true.

It’s very enriching to have an open exchange with people who have lived a life that is different from mine. The more I can do that, the more I can focus on my own unique experiences and my own life.

I remember that before I bought the ticket, I sensed that the organizer, Mr. Ogino, and the people running the event are creating a receptive space with a very open mind. And it made me realize that it was all up to me, whether I would permit myself to participate in this.

I am joining Wisdom 2.0 Japan because I wanted to put those feelings into practice.

(Ms. Ai Tezuka / Chiba, Japan)