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【インタビュー】第4回「Wisdom2.0は何を目指すのか 」創設者ソレン・ゴードハマー氏


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(English version : click here)


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Wisdom2.0 Conferenceの創設者、社会活動家。

●インタビュアー 荻野淳也






















[Interview] with Wisdom 2.0 Founder Soren Gordhamer
4th round: “What does Wisdom 2.0 aim for?”

Here is the 4th round of the interview with Mr. Soren Gordhamer, founder of Wisdom2.0. The theme of the interview is “What does Wisdom 2.0 aim for?” Enjoy!

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●(Interviewee) Soren Gordhamer

Founder of Wisdom2.0 Conference & social activist.
After traveling around the world on peace walks to promote peace and environmentalism, Soren founded Wisdom2.0 Conference with the intention of fusing mindfulness with the digital world. Since it was first organized in 2009, the conference has been held annually and to date has gathered more than 5000 people. Today Wisdom2.0 is one of the world’s largest mindfulness-related conferences.

● (Interviewer) Junya Ogino

Co-founder of Wisdom2.0Japan.
After graduating from Keio University, Junya has worked in various fields such as foreign investment consultancy, IPO managing & director in venture companies, leadership & organizational development and has provided advice, training, and executive coaching for many listed companies and venture capitalists. Applying his knowledge of mission management, mindfulness leadership, and mindfulness coaching, Junya focuses on issues related to the transformation of leadership methodologies and organizations. He is also the author of “How to Take a Frustration-Free Day Off: Mindfulness That Begins with Time Taken Off.”

What are your future goals and visions for Wisdom2.0?

If you look at all the challenges we face as people, sometimes we have politicians who say “Vote for me and I’ll solve all these things” or businesses say “We can solve all these problems.”

While I think of some of that is helpful, I think the real change happens when we have a change of heart, when our own consciousness and our own awareness changes and we become more compassionate people or wise people.
So I think what is the most important work we can do for the world is becoming to live more with greater awareness and greater understanding of ourselves.
So I feel like this is where the real change happens.

My hope for Wisdom is that it can spread across the globe and provide places where people can come and learn;
What are the tools that actually help you with greater wellbeing, greater compassion, greater connection?

So my vision would be that in more and more places people will come together and they learn from each other, and they realise we need each other – I need you, you need me, we are stronger together.

And in order for us to do that, we have to really work on ourselves. We have to understand how we get angry, how we get stressed, how we lose our temper. I know in many cultures we don’t know how to do that very well.
So my hope for Wisdom2.0 is that it can provide a place where people can come and learn these important skills and hopefully create a better world in the process.

Message to the Japanese people?

I love Japanese culture and I love the Japanese people that I met, they are so kind and generous and so I really appreciate them and I appreciate their culture so much.

If there is a message to Japan, while I love the work ethic in Japan and the determination and the focus, I also realise that we need a balance to our lives.
We also need other skills. It’s a great skill to be able to work hard and push ourselves but we need other skills. We need the skill to know how to stop, how to relax, how to be patient and how to take care of ourselves and how to rest and how to appreciate.

So my message to Japan is it would be great if we can help each other learn more than just that one skill.
I am hoping that Wisdom in Japan can be a wonderful way for people to come and go like “Ok, I have this one skill. It would be more effective and I can live an even better life if I can also learn this other skill. ”

That skill in my mind is the skill of happiness, of gratitude and connection.

So my message to Japanese people is that you can really be a guide and example for the world of culture that really knows how to value both of these – it knows how to work really hard but also knows how to value taking care of itself.
I would love to see Japan lead the world as an example of the culture of balance between those two skills.


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